Amended drawings submitted showing minor design modifications

Winchester College has recently submitted amended drawings to Winchester City Council to provide additional information and answer some of the queries raised on the planning application.

The first set of amended drawings is in response to design comments made by the Council’s Head of Historic Environment and by English Heritage (now Historic England).  Click here Amended drawings May 2015 to download the images in a ZIP file. These drawings provide further explanation of the proposed detailed design with minor modifications as follows:

Drawing 1241/106 rev P3

At the proposed pedestrian access to Kingsgate Street – the addition of stone string courses to the top of the base stack bonding, and the elevation has been further refined by adding recessed joints to the brickwork junctions at the top and bottom of the columns. Drawing 1241/106 rev P3 shows further details. The stainless steel woven screens and gate are now shown set back, are etched and will be dull, not bright.

Drawing 1241/108 Rev P1  

Canon Street elevation – the splayed reveals are changed to simple stone surrounds taking their lead from the detailing of the Italianate front of Wellington House.  The front door for new unit 8 is given a stone surround.    New drawing  1241/108 Rev P1 shows the details.

It is also proposed to replace the existing high wall adjacent to 56 Canon Street with an oak bollard and low wall sloping up in height and with design detail added.  This is also shown on drawing 1241/108 Rev P1

Drawing 1241/103 rev P6

The existing window sashes on the ground floor to Wellington Cottage Canon Street will be retained.   This change can be seen on drawing 1241/103 rev P6.

It is proposed to replace the existing silver birch tree to the rear of the site with six Chanticleer Pear trees following discussions with the Council’s tree and landscape officers.

Secondly, in relation to access and parking matters, additional information to show the swept paths for a range of car sizes has been provided in respect of the proposed vehicle access off Canon Street.  This was at the request of the Council’s Highways officer.  An amendment has also been made to the rear parking area providing slightly wider and longer spaces, although eight spaces can still be satisfactorily accommodated, while providing adequate turning and manoeuvrability areas on site to ensure that vehicles exit on to Canon Street in a forward gear.  The College has also confirmed that these parking spaces will be let only to residents of the new residential units.

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