Archaeological investigations completed

Passers-by of the site during the first half of this year will have noticed that the progress of the build has been slower than they might have expected. This has been due to the extent of archaeological investigations requested of us by Winchester City Council. These have been quite onerous, however we fully appreciate the sensitivities of the site and the need for full compliance and due diligence.

Kingsgate-Aug17We are happy to announce that the archaeological phase on site is now completed and work on the construction has recommenced. The consequence of this is a significant delay in the proposed completion date, which we now expect to be in the spring of 2018.

The months ahead
Over the next few months the site will advance rapidly, starting with the installation of the steel ‘goal posts’ for six of the units that will support their masonry walls, form bay window apertures and support floor joists. Thereafter the block and brick masonry walls will be built. Scaffolding will then be erected along Canon Street, Kingsgate Street and within the courtyard so that the masonry walls can continue upwards. At the rear of the site the block paving for the car parking area will be installed. As winter approaches the work will increasingly focus on fitting out the interiors of the new units and Wellington House.

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