Building proceeding at a steady pace

Production on site is currently moving along at a steady pace with the ground floor masonry blockwork for six of the seven new build units now installed and the contractor is building up to second floor joist level on five of the seven new build units.

Passers-by will see that scaffolding has been erected around the perimeter of the refurbishment units and the new build units. This allows the contractor to access the sash windows which are currently being overhauled.


During November, six of the new units will see their roofs taking shape with the felt and battens being fixed in place. With the interiors watertight, the first fix for mechanical and electrical services and carpentry can begin. Within the refurbishment units the first fix for mechanical and electrical services will also be underway, plus the installation of masonry and stud partitions and structural adaptations to stairwells.

With the upcoming seasonal weather, the contractors have installed a concrete haul road on site to help reduce the tracking of mud on to the public highway.

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