Impact on the Local Area

The project will be managed to minimise the impact of the development process on nearby residents, businesses and users of the public highways.


  • Primary access to the site will be on the Kingsgate Street frontage. The contractor will be required to seek an arrangement with the City Council that allows the barrier in College Street to be lifted, allowing access to this site by heavy vehicles arriving via Bar End.
  • All access by heavy vehicles will be controlled within specific hours to minimise disruption at peak times and particularly at school drop off and pick up times.
  • Whilst some contractor access to the site from Canon Street will be necessary, the contractor will be required to keep their vehicular access along Canon Street from St. Cross Road / Southgate Street to a minimum, as well as limited to light vehicles only.
  • The contractor will be responsible for keeping roads clean and for minimising the impact of noise and dust. He will also be required to maintain good communications with all those affected by their works.

Residents and local businesses

  • Demolition – the initial phase involving the demolition of the original structures where required will last approximately four to five weeks. The scaffolding surrounding the site will be clad in either debris netting or scaffold sheeting to contain any dust. The spoil will be removed by lorry along College Street, past the College itself, and exit out on to Bar End Road.
  • Tradesmen parking – contractors and tradesmen working on the site will be provided with designated parking on College property in the early stages of the project. Thereafter they will park on the site itself.
  • Access – there are no plans to close either Canon or Kingsgate Streets for any length of time, although large vehicles manoeuvring or unloading may occasionally restrict access for short periods of time. Advance notice of such events will be posted on this website whenever possible.
  • Access along St. Swithun Street will not be affected.
  • Access to all local businesses will be preserved.
  • Pedestrian access through the King’s Gate to St. Swithun’s Street and the cathedral close from Kingsgate Street will not be affected.
  • Updates on activities that may have an impact on residents and users of the immediate area will be regularly posted on this website as far in advance as possible.